Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Boxers or Briefs?

                                                Boxers or Breifs? by minimoose1414.  
Last night I took the kids to the mall for FHE.  Good mama, huh?  And because the boys were so well behaved, I decided to take them out for a treat afterward.  

As we were driving to our refreshment destination, Isaac and Ian were playing 'Army Guys' in the back seat.  Isaac went through his laundry list of items that he would be needing for his upcoming combat mission.

"I have my knives, my rifle, my grenades, bullets, my helmet, my bullet-proof vest.....is there anything that I've forgotten?" he asked Ian- who had this far off look in his eyes (he really gets into this stuff!).

He thought for just a split second and then replied, "Your underwear!"

Nicole and I burst into laughter!  

Of course he's right though.  You mustn't forget your underwear.  Every good soldier has a clean pair on!  Because you just never know!