Friday, May 28, 2010

Time for a Change

Isaac has been begging for a change in his room. He wanted something a little more 'grown up' and something that was more his taste instead of mine.

Last Saturday, we went out shopping and this is what he decided on....

A new full size mattress- instead of the 'twin-bed-that-used-to-be-a-bunk-bed-that-still-had-the-foam-mattress-on-it' that he has been sleeping on for the past 10 years.

Complete with a new headboard and foot board.

The kiddie toys were all put away (except for the doggie you see in the corner- I'm so glad he still has a little boy in him somewhere).

A new comforter and pillows, nightstand and lamp.....
And hopefully that will do it for the next 7 or so years until he is officially an adult *gasp*!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Four Oh!

Forty years ago today, a baby boy was born. He became the third child and the second son in his family. Hours after he was born he was given a vitamin K shot in his little leg, which immediately swelled. Shortly after, he was diagnosed as having severe Hemophilia A.

As he grew, he and his family learned the hard way about the painful and devastating affects of living with hemophilia. As a toddler with constant bruises and black eyes from the normal bumps and falls of a child learning how to walk, they received unwelcome comments and stares from strangers. As a youth, who was often seen using crutches for a day or two to get him through an ankle or knee bleed, he received remarks like, "you're such a faker" from his peers. Trying to hide joint bleeds from his parents, who could not afford the enormously expensive medication to treat his bleeds, he suffered through many long and painful nights with a swollen, throbbing knee or elbow- whichever joint it happened to be that day.

During those years of untreated joint bleeds, the damage became evident. The once soft, round knee was replaced by a bumpy, bony structure. His elbow became fused from the many times of keeping it bent and held close to his body. The range of motion in several of his joints decreased year after year.

Two knee surgeries and an ankle fusion later (with another on the way), he has not let hemophilia slow him down. In fact, he has not only learned to live with this bleeding disorder, but has created a life around it. Many years ago, after taking business classes while working towards an MBA, he decided he wanted to start his own hemophilia home health care company. He wanted to create a company where he could help others who lived with this same disorder and in some small way, make their lives better.

And he definitely has accomplished what he set out to do. He not only supplies medication for many hemophiliacs, but he employs several people who are personally affected by this disorder. Because he knows how important a good education is for people who have hemophilia (a non-manual labor job with good insurance is a must) he has set up a scholarship fund to help with the costs of education for those in the bleeding disorder community. He helps patients with insurance needs, nursing needs, and emotional support. He is one who is looked at in this community for his compassion and understanding towards others.

And so, on this day, I want to celebrate the life of an amazing man who I get to call my best friend, my support, my husband.

Happy birthday Erik! I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished in your 40 years. You have taken something that could have slowed or driven you down in life and have created a career where you get to make a difference in the lives of people who you are connected to- your blood brothers.

I admire you in so many ways- your determination, your drive, your compassion, your witty sense of humor, and your sharp mind. I admire you for taking your disorder and choosing to live your life in spite of the obstacles that were put in your way. I have never once heard you complain that hemophilia was your burden to bear in this life. The pain that you live with on a daily basis would cause many to complain- but you never do. You just keep pushing on- and for that, I love you. Look what you have done your forty years! I can't wait to see what happens next! I'm honored to be by your side and to share in this journey with you.

Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One last Cheer!

It's the end of the 2009-2010 school year and time to celebrate Nicole's year of cheerleading. Last week Erik and I accompanied her to her Cheer Banquet..... here are some of the highlights of the evening.

Nicole and her JV squad....
Nicole lettered in cheer- only twelve girls out of 32 lettered this year!

She also received a special award from the coaches- 'The Peacemaker Award'. Her coaches recognized her efforts to keep peace among the 18 girls on her squad- not an easy thing to do. But she did a great job and her coaches wanted to recognize her and let her know they had noticed.
Saying good-bye is never any easy thing to do.....there were lots of tears shed at the end of the banquet by Nicole (and I'll admit I had a lump in my throat too) as she said good-bye to her year of cheering for her high school.

Nicole with her good cheer friends....Sami and Brittany.
Nicole with her coach, Eva.
Cheerleading was something that Nicole never planned on doing, and although it was a tough year, she had some great experiences and it will be a year that she will never forget. We are so proud of her and the example she set for her friends on the squad.

Congratulations on a great year and all of your awards Nicole! We love you!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

You Never Know Who's Watching

I remember when I was growing up, mom always reminded us girls to never do anything contrary to what our religion expected of us- because you 'never know who's watching'. We were to be an example in our words and actions.

Each time I was reminded of this, I found myself paying more attention to who was around me. I wondered exactly who those people were that were 'watching' me. And because of that, I became a people watcher myself.

It is something that I LOVE doing! I could sit in a busy mall or outside somewhere where people were bustling on their way here and there, for hours! Recently, I spent much of my time while waiting to board an airplane just sitting and watching people (even sneaking a photo- anything for my blog, right?)

I often wonder where they are going, what their lives are like, what they do for a living, etc. I'm dying to know their story. People are just fascinating to me.

Erik hates going to restaurants with me because I can't help getting sucked into what is going on around me. He will be saying something to me, and then he'll stop (because he knows my attention has drifted from him to focusing on those sitting at another table) and he'll say, "OK. What's going on at that table. Is it a first date or are they married?", fully expecting me to know. And I usually do.

I always feel bad about not giving him my full attention, but there is just something so interesting to me about those people's lives.

So take my mother's advice and be careful what you say and do when you are out in public because you never know who may be watching you. There's a good chance it might be me. :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A fine recipe for Girl Time

What do you get when you take two girls from the West.....

and add them to their darling friend in the East....

then take a handful of sneakiness....(we'll call it 'breaking into Independence Hall' - go here to read all about it) See! We really got in! (this is THE room where the Declaration of Independence was signed)
Then take a cup or two of Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches....
A pinch of some really 'hot' clothing.....
And some that are not so hot.....( I call this my Lawrence Welk look- you like?)
an AWESOME trousers pant suit.....

a couple of Stepford Wives....
a dash of really yummy breakfasts after morning walks....
a tour of Nemour's Manison....isn't that the sweetest touch? A flower given to each guest as they enter the DuPont home. I loved it!
slowly stir in a lovely view of the mansion after the tour....
then add a heaping teaspoon of gorgeous landscaping at Longwood Gardens....another DuPont property....
stir it all together while adding a creamy visit with the Amish...I'm seriously in love with those people!
Bake it slowly over 4 1/2 days and what do you get? A vacation that will NEVER be forgotten!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Worth Your Time- six

I loved this one!....Documenting just one week of your life.

I thought it would even be fun just to document one day of your life. In the article, it suggests taking photos of the mundane details of your are some of mine.

a picture of my alarm clock at the time it goes off.....

putting my face on.....I can't go anywhere without a little makeup!
while watching the Today show....(my idea of multitasking)
what to wear?.....
wake the kids up and make their lunches for school.....
off we go.....
home again, time to throw in a batch of laundry.....
walk for 30 minutes on the treadmill.....
empty the dishwasher.....
you get the point. How fun for our children to look back on our lives when they are mom's and dad's and see just what a typical day was like for you!

The article suggests collecting ticket stubs, receipts, newspaper headlines, grocery lists- evidence of whatever it is that you did that week.

And finally, write down what your grateful for at that very moment.

Very cute idea! This is one that I'm going to do yearly from now on. I think it's one thing that is truly worth your time!

I could get used to this....

Breakfast in bed.....(made by my own personal chef named Isaac)

Flowers delivered to my door......(the picture just doesn't do them justice!)

Children on their best behavior, gifts, dinner cooked for you- AND not having to clean the kitchen up after......

Oh I could get used to this! I hope your Mother's Day was wonderful too!

Friday, May 7, 2010


Bright and early one December morning, a tiny, warm bundle was placed into my arms. From inside the pink and blue striped blanket, two puffy little eyes looked up at me. As the dark eyes blinked, trying to focus on my face, I realized that she already knew I was her mother.

Moments before, I had been just Becky.

And then, a little after seven that morning, I became a mother.

I'm not sure why I was chosen to be this child's mother, but from the first moment I held her in my arms, I felt so blessed to have that title.

Five long years later, I found myself once again holding a tiny wrapped bundle. As the nurse placed this new baby in my arms, he cried a cry that broke my heart. It was as if he knew I was taking him from his mother- and in a way I was. Only it was her choice to do so.

I'm not sure why I was chosen to be this child's mother, but I felt so blessed to be the one he would grow up calling 'mom'.

Once again, another 5 years would pass and my arms would find another baby placed in them. He cried for his old life with his mother- for it was all he had known. But I promised him that I would love him as if I was the one who had given birth to him. And eventually, he allowed me to hold him close and as he grew, he too called me 'mother'.

I'm not sure why I was chosen to be this child's mother, but I am grateful to be the one who gets to tuck him in at night and kiss his freckly little nose.

For sixteen years, I have worn the title of mother. It is a name that I cherish- for it did not come easily. At one point in my life, I wondered if I would ever hear a child call me by that name. But through the miracle of science, adoption and answered prayer, this is what I have become.

Sometimes there are long days when I think it would be nice to go back to being just 'Becky' and nothing else. But then I hear one of my children call for me and I remember what a gift I have been given.

To all the mother's who I am blessed to know, I want to thank you for your examples. I wish you all the happiest of Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


It's the sixth of May and it's 45 degrees right now. Forty-five! What gives?

I was out running errands this morning and although the sun was shining, it was really cold! But looking around at the other shoppers and errand runners, you would have never guessed it. I saw people in shorts and capris, short sleeved shirts, and sandals. Not one jacket or coat in sight! Had it been January sixth, and forty-five degrees we all would have been bundled up. But this is May! We have put all of that winter-y nonsense away!

I think there has been an all out rebellion here in our little state of Utah. People have had it with the cold. And I'm one of them.

I hope it's warm and sunny where you are.

(p.s. Sorry for the lack of pictures for my last few posts. The camera went on vacation with my boys this past week. I have missed it and them terribly! Can't wait to be reunited today!)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Worth Your Time- numero cinco

Watching those YouTube tearjerkers.

Oh boy. I just finished watching the vidoes that I have chosen to post here today- and I'm still wiping the tears away.

So grab some hankies, and click away.

Christian the Lion

The Patrick Henry Hughes Story
A Father Indeed
The Gift of an Ordinary Day

Don't you agree? Watching these vidoes truly is worth your time.

Happy Cinco de Mayo my friends!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My New Life

If you haven't already seen this, take a minute (or 8) and watch. You'll want to have a tissue nearby.


My New Life

Monday, May 3, 2010

Worth Your Time- fourth installment

Taking an (affordable) class or workshop that has nothing to do with your career.

I whole hearted-ly agree with this one! For the past two years I have been taking classes that have NOTHING to do with my career. :) Just kidding. I'm SURE that each and every required class that I have taken will help me to be a better nurse.

When I chose to embark on this journey that we will call, 'Going-back-to-school-to-get-my-RN', I was terrified, nervous, worried- and a whole bunch of other adjectives. But it has been such a great ride! I have taken classes on subjects such as math, psychology, biology, physiology, chemistry, health, and anatomy. Each has been fascinating to say the least. I have learned new concepts and ideas, met new people, and discovered things about myself that I probably wouldn't have ever found out any other way.

This past semester, I took an English writing class. For the most part, I enjoyed this class more than any other. Why? Because it was something that I enjoyed doing! I love to write! And I got to read what others had written- which I found to be quite enjoyable too. I got to watch myself evolve as a writer right along with my classmates. By far, it has been the most rewarding class I have taken to date. And in the end, it really has nothing to do with my career choice. I imagine that doctors don't appreciate a nurse who charts patient information in the form of a creative writing assignment or an argument paper. It would make for a great read though!

I really think that any investment you make in learning- the time, the money, the time :), is all worth it in the end. If you have been thinking that it might be fun to take a class or two (I'm thinking that a photography class would be fun!) this is something that I really, truly agree is worth your time!