Monday, November 30, 2009

What's up?

My good gravy! It's been quite some time since I last posted. I didn't mean for that to happen, but blogging just kept getting pushed down the list of things that needed to get done.

Here's a little of what's been going on around here.

Notice anything different? Yep! She got her braces off! She was stunning before, but wow! Gorgeous! I keep telling her to smile lots so we get our money's worth. Yikes! I hate the thought of having 2 more kids to put in braces. Orthodontia is a great business to be in. That's all I have to say about that.
Oh yah! Look at the flames! I am another year older and the fire on my cake keeps growing. I'm going to need a fire extinguisher to put it out in the next few years. My lung capacity barely did the job this year. It was such a great birthday- much of it thanks to all of you! I received so many birthday wishes from friends and family- thank you so much!
Thanksgiving came and went (sorry no pictures) and I didn't even take the time to post what I am most thankful for. So if you'll indulge me for a bit, here's my list- as it would have appeared had I posted on Thanksgiving day.

The top 10 things I am thankful for this year.

10. The opportunity to get an education. Sometimes I ask myself if it is worth it- all of the time it requires and stress it creates. But I have to say that yes, it is worth it!
9. Good health. I have always been the one who gets sick around here, but for the past few years, I have been surprisingly healthy. Becoming a germaphobe probably has a lot to do with it. :)
8. A warm home. What a difference adding one more fireplace into our house has made. Cozy and warm. Just like I like it.
7. Electronics. My cell phone, laptop, itouch, camera, dvr....just to name a few. This one may sound very materialistic, but seriously, how would I get by without them?
6. Money. We aren't millionaires by any means, but I am so thankful that we have always had enough to live on and enough to share when needed.
5. The gospel in my life. I couldn't make it through this journey of life without it.
4. Good friends. I have the best friends in the world. Just so you know.
3. Being a mother. It didn't come easy, but I am so thankful that I was blessed with the opportunity. It has taught me so much!
2. Living in this country. Every time I hear the national anthem played, I get choked up. Things aren't perfect here, by any means, but our freedom is priceless.
1. My family. They really are my greatest joy.

I am looking forward to what's ahead as we turn the page on the calendar tomorrow. I still can't believe that it's Christmas time again, but now that it's here, I am very excited! Finals will be here and over before I know it and Nicole will be 16- dating and driving. It's all good and exciting! Another year is almost gone- it's so crazy. But at the same time, as I look back on all that has happened this year, I get so excited about the possibilities of what's to come in the year ahead.

I hope your holidays are full of many good things too!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Making a list

the Christmas lists have been showing up around the house....the hoping and dreaming have begun.  

ian wonders, "when will I be santa, mom?  i want to give presents to all the kids, EVEN strangers."

it's good to be a child.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend Fun

                                                               Ian's famous weekend hair.

It's Monday and of course I am looking ahead to a new week, but before I get too carried away with all of that I wanted to take a minute and remember some of was seen and done this past weekend (and I don't know about you, but my weekends end on Sunday night- that was just for clarification- just in case you were wondering- but if you weren't then you can just skip this whole, really long statement in the parenthesis).

Here are a few of my favorites...

Mr. M and I were honored to go on a 'NOT a date' with Nicole and her cute 'friend' Kevin.  As we were walking into the movie theatre, I heard Nicole say, "We are such losers.  We are hanging out with my parents."  Now that was not exactly what I wanted to hear, but as I turned around to glare at her, a smile crept across both of their faces and I knew that they were just as happy as we were to be hanging out together.  Right?  

Our first major snowfall of the season happened this weekend.  The boys- including Mr. M- were out playing in it by the time the sun was up.  The four-wheeler with a snow plow on front, was dusted off, sleds were dug out of the corner of the garage, gloves, boots and hats were pulled out of the 'snow gear' box.  And the good news?  I only cried for a minute.  Then I heard my dad in the back of my mind saying, "Buck up Becky!", and I did.  I am ready to face another winter.  

Our annual Primary Program was this weekend at church.  If you haven't been to one of these, it's a must!  We have 125 children in our Primary and they all did a wonderful job of providing 40 minutes of pure entertainment, and still managed to bring the spirit.  There was one little boy who kept trying to have a conversation with his dad, who was in the audience.  "Am I being good, dad?", he shouted out at one point.  Why can't all meetings be like that?

And finally, to end a fine weekend, Nicole and I watched a chick flick together- one of my most favorite things to do- just the two of us sharing girl time and a little popcorn with each other.  The boys were not feeling left out- I assure you.  They were in the basement, sitting in front of the big screen enjoying a movie (something with lots of noise and explosions) of their own.

Ok, now I'm ready.  Bring on the new week.

Friday, November 13, 2009

What I am loving right now

Lotion, lotion, lotion.  Can't get enough of it these days.  This is my personal favorite for really dry hands- winter hands as I call them- like mine.  But this is a close second- love the smell.

My very favorite treat to listen to- next to Christmas music of course.  I wish I could find their album! 

This mug.  I wish you could see his freckles better- oh my heart!

This scent in my bedroom- ohhhh!

Headbands!  I have bought 4 new ones in the past few days....this is the picture that inspired my new haircut (and the headband I bought because of it).  :)  And this is the one I hope to buy next.

And last but certainly not least, this is currently my favorite treat.  I recently read that almonds are a great memory booster (heaven knows I need help with that) and that dark chocolate does wonders for your heart (need that too).  So as I see it, this is the miracle food that I have been searching for.  Now if it could only fix my wrinkles and take a few inches off the waist line.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The day started out blustery, but warm.  I knew the cold was coming.  So I decided to bake up some of these to make the inside of my home spicy smelling and cozy warm.

They did the job just nicely.  Now I'm ready for the storm. I think.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'll be seeing you

I am not one who is good at good-bye's.  Especially if I am the one being left behind.  I'm better at them if I am the one who is going off to some great adventure- so that I am too preoccupied to miss the people I have said good-bye to.

Today I must say good-bye to one who has been there, off and on, by my side for the past 8 months.  And I am once again the one being left behind to deal with my sorrow.

My days have been brightened, my heart has been warmed (as well as a few other body parts), I have been cheered up when I was feeling a little blue.  A true friend.

As I watched the news last night, I realized that this is it.  Today is the last day that my friend will be stopping by to visit for several months.  I am going to be optimistic and say four months.

But to show good faith that my friend will be back, I planted spring tulip bulbs as a greeting when it comes back to shower me with it's joy and warmth.

So I say good-bye to the warm temperatures that I have so loved and appreciated for so many months now.  This is it.  I'm going to give you one last hug and then you'll have to excuse me as I run to my fireplace for comfort.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What I love most about Sophie

She makes a great hairbrush.  Here she is running her nails through Nicole's lovely locks.  
She reminds me often, to stop and just stare into the fire.  Something we both love to do.
She is a great example to me of how often we should take a nap.  No matter where you are or what you are doing, just plop down and take a snoozer whenever you feel like it.
She is sweet.  Ian was holding Sophie this morning when I heard him whisper, "Mom!  Sophie isn't whining.  She loves me because my tongue hurts."  

Sophie isn't the most patient cat with the boys- usually she doesn't sit quietly while they try to hold her.  She is quite vocal about it actually.  But not today.
She makes a wonderful centerpiece.  Her gray fur just compliments the fall colors so nicely, don't you think?  Actually, this is a big no, no.  She got booted off the table right after I took this picture.
She makes a lovely throw pillow.
She gives my boys the best baths.  And if you ever need a good exfoliating scrub for your face- she's your gal. 
She just keeps going and going until the job is done.  That's another thing I love about her.
Oh, that you could each have your own Sophie.  But alas, she's just ours.

Monday, November 9, 2009

It's like Christmas morning!

Dear readers of this blog,

Can I just tell you how much your comments mean to me?  Yes, I am talking to you.  

When I started my blog, I was too afraid to tell anyone about it, because then they would want to read it (heaven forbid!), so I kept it my little secret. 

I made the mistake one day of letting Erik in on that little secret and the next thing I knew- I was outed.  But come to find out, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be to have someone read something I had written.  You know why?  Because in return, they would leave me a little gift in the form of a comment.  I was hooked!

It may be a little bit shocking and selfish, but I adore the little ego boost your kind words give to me.  It's almost like a drug.  Not that I've ever used drugs.  Well, I am an Advil addict, but let's just keep that between me and you.   

Your comments are like Christmas morning.  I can't wait to read them, and like a selfish child, I eagerly devour each one.  I love to read what you have to say- probably more than you could ever imagine.  

So I just wanted to formally say, thank you, to those of you who leave me little gifts wrapped in shiny paper, tied with the most breathtaking bows, under my blogger-land Christmas tree.  (Can you tell I have Christmas on the brain?  And I apologize to those of you who are having issues with my playlist having so many holiday songs on it.  I really can't help it.  And the best news?  It's everything Christmas on FM 100 and Cozy 106.5!)

Because of you, it feels like Christmas every day.  Thank you so much- really.

And to those of you who haven't left a comment or who email me privately to share your thoughts- I adore you too!  It took me a long time to feel comfortable a commenting on blogs I read.  I still think way too hard about some of the comments I leave.  After all, I know how much they can mean!

Once again, thank you, thank you!

Love to you all!


Just fresh out of the bathtub, Ian says to his daddy,  "Dad, guess what I did in that bathtub today?"  

"What did you do?", his daddy asks. 

"I bath-tized myself.", he says with a smile.

Later when he told this to his mommy, she asked him how he did it.

"I plugged my nose and closed my eyes and put my head under the water."

"Why did you do that?", his mommy asked.

"Because I wanted to make Jesus happy", he beams.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's time to put your detective hats on and and answer the question everyone is dying to know...
What's my current hairstyle?

Now this is a cute one...but that's not it.  Keep trying!

Awww.  This one's not too bad.   But it's not it either.

What about these?  Nope.  Haven't been blonde for some time now.

You're getting closer.  Not there yet though.

You guessed it!  You are too smart for your own good!
Yep!  This is what I did to myself one Friday afternoon.  I didn't warn the family.  I didn't even warn myself.   The scissors just had a mind of their own, or something like that.   

Isn't hair fun?  

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Day I Got Drunk

                                                        5 year old me

Now that caught your attention didn't it?

Being raised a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I was always taught to stay away from alcoholic beverages.  But no one ever told me that we shouldn't partake of licorice extract.  How was I supposed to know that one little bottle of extract contains over 60% alcohol?

Why would anyone want to drink licorice extract in the first place, you may be thinking to yourself.  Well let me answer your question by taking you back 30+ years ago, to a square, blue colored, split entry house in Salt Lake City.  

I was 5 years old and had just returned home from a long day in Kindergarten.  It was lunch time and I was starving.  My mom didn't quite have lunch ready, and there were no snacks laying around (and if there were, mom would have never let me have any.  "It will ruin your appetite.", was something we often heard.)  

But I could be resourceful in these types of situations.  

We had a food storage room with lots of goodies to choose from.  My personal favorites were the powdered cool whip mix, and packages of jello.  From time to time I would sneak a box into my room, dip my finger in and lick.  Mmmmm.

I had recently gotten caught sneaking these items though so this time I would have to be a little more careful.  As I looked  around the room at all of the possibilities, I spotted my mother's cake decorating box.  Besides frosting bags and tips, it was filled with candy sprinkles, bottles of flavorings, sugar flowers, etc.  

I reached up, pulled the box down and examined the contents that lay before me.  I opened a few containers of candy sprinkles, nibbled on a few and then moved on.  As I came to the candy flavorings, I read each label and decided on the licorice flavor.  

I was in love with black licorice and thought that taking a sip of the powerfully scented liquid would be the next best thing to having the sticky candy to chew on.  

I opened the bottle, took a sniff, and put it to my lips.  I tipped my head back and let the clear liquid pour into my mouth.  I think I drank most of the bottle in one gulp.

It tasted awful!  It was nothing like the way it smelled.  In fact it didn't taste like licorice to me at all.

I quickly screwed the lid back on as a little shiver ran through my body.  I held the tiny bottle up to the light to see how much was left, hoping my mom wouldn't notice the difference the next time she took it out, and then placed it back in the box hidden among the other flavorings. After returning the box back to the shelf, I slowly crept to my room.

As I sat on the edge of my bed, I started to feel ill.  Moments later, my mom called down the stairs that my lunch was ready.

I slowly made my way up the two flights of stairs, not feeling hungry anymore.

I sat down at the table and started sipping my chicken noodle soup.  Everything was spinning.  I felt awful and dizzy and after a few minutes of trying to eat, I told my mom that I wasn't feeling well.  She told me to go to my bedroom and lay down.

With tingling lips and the world spinning before my eyes, I stumbled down the first flight of stairs.  As I stepped onto the landing, I started to feel nauseous.  But in my drunken stupor, I thought that if I could just make it to my bed and lay down, I would be fine.

Two steps down the next flight of stairs, I lost it.  All of it.

My mom heard the noise and rushed to my side with a towel in her hand.  She helped me to my bed and tucked me in, reassuring me while feeling my forehead, that everything would be OK after I slept for a while.  

I heard my mom go back up the stairs, fill a bucket with water and come back down the stairs to clean up my mess.

Just as I was dozing off to sleep, my mom came into my room.  "Why does your throw up smell like black licorice?", she asked.

I don't remember now if I tried to hide my sin, or if I told the truth through my slurred speech and admitted what I had done.  I'm sure I was too out of it to come up with anything other than the truth.

As my mom left my room,  I remember hearing her mumble, "It serves you right."  I knew I had made her mad by getting into her things, or was she upset because I had broken the rule of snacking before a meal?  I wasn't sure.

It was many years later until I could even stand the smell of black licorice and many more years beyond that until I could eat it again.  It was hard a penalty to pay for my lack of patience. 

It makes me laugh thinking back to that day.  A drunk 5 year old.  I appreciate this experience so much more as a mother.  How would I react to the same situation if one of my children had done the same thing?  One thing is for sure.  I would grab the camcorder!  

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Some random thoughts (and picture) for a Wednesday

*  I think this Fall has been the best one I can ever remember- the leaves are so bright and the weather is so lovely
*  I should take the boys to the park today
*  If not today, for sure tomorrow
*  I need to mop
*  I despise mopping
*  I dream of having a housekeeper
*  For now, that's me
*  I am a bit worried about the EKG I had yesterday in my lab class
*  A resting heart rate of 150 beats per minute hurts 
*  I should see the doctor
*  I should do a lot of things that I don't do
*  I am loving physiology
*  Ian told me about a dream that he had last night and he cried while telling me about it
*  I remember having dreams like that
*  What could make a 5 year old so worried about being left by his family?
*  Sophie loves the hearth by our fireplace as much as I do
*  And I love it a lot
*  Only 1 1/2 more weeks until my boys go back on track
*  But who's counting
*  I love 65% off sales- have you been to Robert's lately?
*  I love my new Fall decorations
*  My toenails need to be painted again
*  Nicole did french tips on them and when I cut my toenails last night- they came off
*  I like it when my toenails are painted
*  I have high hopes that today will be a good day
*  I am hungry
*  I think I will have an egg and toast for breakfast
*  I need to start Christmas shopping
*  Ugggg
*  It freaks me out that I will be decorating for Christmas in 22 days
*  There was Christmas music playing at Tai Pan yesterday
*  I love Christmas music
*  My boys are having a sit ups contest right now
*  I should join them
*  I would beat the heck out of them
*  It's more fun to watch though
*  I can't believe how high Ian can count
*  The boys are now playing a Wii game
*  Ian told Isaac to 'go easy on me'
*  It sounded funny coming from him
*  I'm glad I have children to entertain me
*  My life would be so boring without them
*  So would my blog
*  I better stop now
*  I have put off starting my day long enough
*  I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday 
*  I plan to too