Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's time to put your detective hats on and and answer the question everyone is dying to know...
What's my current hairstyle?

Now this is a cute one...but that's not it.  Keep trying!

Awww.  This one's not too bad.   But it's not it either.

What about these?  Nope.  Haven't been blonde for some time now.

You're getting closer.  Not there yet though.

You guessed it!  You are too smart for your own good!
Yep!  This is what I did to myself one Friday afternoon.  I didn't warn the family.  I didn't even warn myself.   The scissors just had a mind of their own, or something like that.   

Isn't hair fun?  


  1. You do look fabulous! I wish I could pull off that hairstyle as well as you!

  2. Too cute! You are one of those people who can pull off any hairstyle - how fun!

  3. After reading this again, I have to ask--did you cut it yourself? It kind of sounds like maybe you did? WOW!

  4. Heavens no! I didn't cut this myself. I guess it was a bit misleading to say that the scissors had a mind of their own. :) An hour before I went to get my usual cut and color, I ran across a picture of a very short hair cut that I just fell in love with. After a short discussion with my hair lady- we decided to do it. It was terrifying to see all the hair on the ground after she was done. But 4 days later- I don't regret it at all!

  5. What a fun post! I loved the guessing game & the photos!