Thursday, October 13, 2011

Catch up

I know this is a bit ridiculous, and I do beg your pardon, but I need to play catch up on my blog (for posterity's sake, you know).

So here's how we spent Summer 2011....

We definitely did not do enough of this....
or this....
and can you ever get enough of this? Wet sandy faces. Gotta love 'em.
We enjoyed hanging out at the park with family for a reunion but the water was a bit distracting. Once the boys found it- that was pretty much it.

I never get tired of feet pictures, do you? Just wish I had glitter toes at the time so mine were all sparkly and such. :)
I win the mom of the year award for this one....swimming lessons.

Isaac (12) and Ian (7) have never had swimming lessons. The only excuse I have for this is my own phobia of swimming. But I finally realized it wasn't healthy to pass that phobia on to my children. So both the boys were enrolled and are now good little swimmers.
Love the mysterious.
Isaac can float! We weren't sure he would be able to do that since he has minus 20% body fat. :)
Then there was girls camp. Oh my! I was the camp director again this year and once again, for three months straight, I did or thought about little else. Girl's camp takes over your life and your house- literally.
But it is all for a very good cause I must say.

Fun was had by all- and testimonies were strengthened. So it was worth it all for sure.

We stayed in a lodge by Park City. It was awesome! Don't you love our chandelier?
And the table decorations? It wouldn't be girls camp without table decorations would it?
Some of my cute girls....
They all worked so hard helping in the kitchen or with whatever they were assigned to do!
The skits are always a favorite and this year was no exception. So much fun!
A week before school started, Nicole had her wisdom teeth removed. Her cute face says it all, doesn't it? No fun. It was fun for me though, I got to play nurse. :)
And now to the final event of the summer. One last BBQ with my family where we celebrated my mom and sister's birthdays.
It's all about the decorations I tell you. Tissue flowers have become my new love.
To keep the kiddos entertained and to help us get to know Grandma Rose and Aunt Terra better, I thought up some facts about each of them and the grandkids had to decide who it was about.

It turned out better than I had hoped because after everyone had guessed, the two birthday girls went through them all and shared a little more detail on each one. So fun!
And that my friends, is our summer in one post! Ahhhh. Now I feel better. Thanks for hanging in there!