Thursday, May 20, 2010

You Never Know Who's Watching

I remember when I was growing up, mom always reminded us girls to never do anything contrary to what our religion expected of us- because you 'never know who's watching'. We were to be an example in our words and actions.

Each time I was reminded of this, I found myself paying more attention to who was around me. I wondered exactly who those people were that were 'watching' me. And because of that, I became a people watcher myself.

It is something that I LOVE doing! I could sit in a busy mall or outside somewhere where people were bustling on their way here and there, for hours! Recently, I spent much of my time while waiting to board an airplane just sitting and watching people (even sneaking a photo- anything for my blog, right?)

I often wonder where they are going, what their lives are like, what they do for a living, etc. I'm dying to know their story. People are just fascinating to me.

Erik hates going to restaurants with me because I can't help getting sucked into what is going on around me. He will be saying something to me, and then he'll stop (because he knows my attention has drifted from him to focusing on those sitting at another table) and he'll say, "OK. What's going on at that table. Is it a first date or are they married?", fully expecting me to know. And I usually do.

I always feel bad about not giving him my full attention, but there is just something so interesting to me about those people's lives.

So take my mother's advice and be careful what you say and do when you are out in public because you never know who may be watching you. There's a good chance it might be me. :)


  1. Very fun post & so true people are fascinating! Remember the stewardess with the red scarf & matching red hat? Now she was fun to watch!

  2. love it! this is what we do at airports & restaurants. And yes it drives my husband crazy too. I too always remind my family that when you are out you represent the family so make it good!

  3. You are SO good at reading lips! I love going out to eat with you--you peg the situations so well!

  4. Hahahaha! That is too funny. I find myself every so often doing the same thing.