Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oh my Spring fever!

The temperatures have been slowly rising each day.  The kids are playing outdoors again.  The neighborhood is starting to come alive.  Even the middle school is holding gym class outside....I love hearing the happy chatter as the students enjoy their moments of fresh air!  

Spring is finally here!  As a matter of fact, today is the last day of winter!  Glory be!  So put away all those coats and boots, gloves and winter scarves. Away with the dark dismal colored clothing.  Bring out the bright, and happy colors!  Time to get the patio furniture out of storage and dust off the bikes in the garage.  

The thing that I love about Spring is the hope that it brings.  Where winter is a time where everything sleeps, Spring is a time for awakening.  As each new green blade of grass pushes it's way out of the old, lifeless lawn that was under our feet last Summer, it brings a hope that I too can start anew.  I can brush off old habits that have become a familiar display in the corners of my soul.  I can bring out those goals that I set for myself at the beginning of the year and recommit to achieving them.  I can forgive myself of my laziness and of the few added layers of adipose tissue (see I am learning a thing or two!) that helped to keep me warm during the long months of winter.  

Ahh yes!  Spring is finally here!  And I am more than ready!


  1. A-MEN! YAY!!!! I LOVE Spring!!! I am so thrilled that Spring is FINALLY here!

  2. Lovely thoughts! Here's to a beautiful spring!