Saturday, March 14, 2009

This Week I

put up some Easter decorations- a little early, I know
watched Nicole perform in her play two times
helped with Writers Workshop in Isaac's class
went on a date with my man
bought two more bags of Mini Robin Eggs
learned about the Autonomic Nervous System and reviewed the regional anatomy of the head, neck and back
listened to Nicole play the piano at New Beginnings- she plays so well!
watched two episodes of The Office
went downtown for jury duty
spent a fun evening with my daughter and her friends
forgot to dial the area code first- three times.  Such a pain!
played with a cow eyeball
welcomed home a dear friend who has been in Africa
missed walking with Keek- dang snow and dang jury duty!
visited the doctor's office 
had a fun 'mini date' with my little guy
felt happy
felt a little worried

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