Friday, April 3, 2009

Go Colie, Go!

Not sure how much my heart can take.

The past few days have been full of ups and downs, tears and laughter, cheers and dances and lots of sore muscles.  

Nicole is trying out (as we speak) for the CHHS cheerleading squad.  

She has worked so hard learning the cheers, jumps and dances and now it all comes down to this moment.  

When I picked her up from school this afternoon to get ready, she burst into tears.  She was a bundle of nerves.

As a mother, I wanted to make it all better.  I tried to calm her down by helping her with her hair, encouraging her as she practiced, and praying with her before I sent her on her way.

It's so hard to watch your child work so hard, to want something so badly, and to not be able to do much more than pray for them.

She is an amazing girl who would make a great cheerleader.  She has the ability to light up a room with her smile and personality.  But who knows if this is the path her life will take.  I'll guess we'll find out in a few hours, but if not, there will be something else just as wonderful, if not more, that will allow her to have the opportunities she seeks.

We're on pins and needles waiting to hear how things went.  Good luck Nicole!  We are cheering for you here at home.  We are your biggest fans! 


  1. Your daughter Nicole is a darling girl! I wish her the best of luck! As for cheering at CHHS, if Kristen Thomas is still running the cheer program, I would be weary! Give me a call for the heads up! My daughter Nicole had some interesting experiences! Cute blog! Good luck with your schooling! Heidi B.

  2. Thanks mommy!!! I'm a cheer leader!!!!