Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cheer leader in the house!

The results are in and she made it!

It was a crazy day waiting.  I think I sent her around 100 text messages while she was at tryouts to find out what was going on....we were so anxious here at home.  She finally sent a text for me to come and get her and that they would post the results in one hour from that time.  That was the longest hours of our lives!

Nicole brought home a friend, who had also tried out, with her.  They played American Idol Karaoke trying to distract themselves.  I heard them saying things like, "I don't think I made it, I hope that I made it, I don't want to make it if you don't make it"- in between all of the songs that they sang.

We had Chinese for dinner that night and I had the girls open fortune cookies- and told them that maybe their fortunes would tell them if they had made it or not.  They both got fortunes that were quite positive.  Nicole's said something like, "Your hard work will soon pay off with a great reward.", and her friend's said, "Your talents will soon be recognized by many.", or something like that.  Funny.

The hour finally passed, we piled the whole family in the car and drove over to the high school for the big moment.  The girls turned off their cell phones on the drive over just in case someone found out before they did and told them if they had made it or not.

As we pulled up to the front doors where the results were posted, there was a crowd of girls and mothers already gathered there.  Some were jumping up and down screaming and hugging each other.  Some were crying and hugging girls who had obviously not made it.  Nicole and her friend were so nervous to even get out of the car.

They finally got out, went to the door and soon joined the girls who were jumping up and down screaming and hugging.  A good sign.  We let out a sigh of relief, got the camera out and started snapping pictures of the moment.

Nicole made the Sophomore Cheer leading squad and we are so proud of her and very excited for what is ahead for her!

Congratulations Nicole!


  1. Wow, that is so great! Congratulations!

  2. Sounds like it's been quite the ride. Congrats Nicole!