Thursday, April 16, 2009

Feeling like a poet today!

It's winter outside my window,
What happened to the Spring?
My furnace bill should be going down
But I'm still blasting the dang thing!

I'm one test down, two more to go
I hope I make it through
If not, I don't think I'll be a nurse
Will have to find something else to do.

Ian's shots were pretty bad
And now he's got the hives
His leg is swollen, hot and red
He keeps asking if he'll die.

The house was cleaned just yesterday,
But now its a big old mess
I don't know why I bother
It's just adding to my stress

The taxes are done, in the nick of time
And we didn't have to pay!
Well, the State took lots, the Fed's did not
A small refund is on the way.

We're out of potatoes, we're out of eggs
It's time to go to the store
Nothing in the cupboards
Better get some more.

Time to get back to studying
Nerves, eyeballs, and blood
Thanks for checking in on me
And reading all this crud!


  1. Love it! (I'm jealous of your tax refund!)

  2. mommy you are so funny :)

  3. Loved your poetry. You should write more of it!