Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Mountains

As I type this, I am sitting on my bed looking out my window.  I am looking across the valley at the snow capped mountains that I love.  There are mornings that I lay here watching the sky as it turns from black, into a water color painting as the sun comes up.  And as beautiful as the colors are, it's those mountains that take my breath away.

Their outline is the first thing I see when my sleepy eyes wake and the last thing that I see as my heavy eyes close at the end of the day.

My mountains.  

I look at Mt. Olympus and memories of my dear grandmother, who is buried at the foot of this majestic mountain, come flooding back to me.  As I look over at Mt. Timpanogos, it's my parents who come to mind.  I wonder how they are doing- if they are safe and happy. 

I have hiked in these mountains, spent time camping in them.  Spent evenings roasting marshmallows in them on dates when I was in high school.  Spent leisurely time enjoying them with my children and other loved ones. Up on one of my beloved mountains was the place that Erik and I first talked about getting married.

I feel safe when I look at them.  I feel protected.   They help to orient me in a world where I sometimes feel lost.  I feel close to my Maker when I am wandering through their trails.

I am grateful to live in this valley.  I love visiting other places, I really do, but when I see those mountains, I know that I am home.


  1. Lovely. You really have a great view.

  2. They really are beautiful & now I know why they mean so much to you.