Monday, April 13, 2009


I have an hour to kill before I can register for my next college course for Fall semester.  It's 11:00 p.m. and I have never felt so tired.  It's probably a terrible idea for me to be blogging when I am in this state, but I am too tired to study.  So here goes.

I took Ian to his well-child Kindergarten checkup today.  He was so excited to go to the doctors.  He met me at the door when I got home from school this morning, all dressed and ready to go.  He said, "I am so upsided to go to the doctors!"   (Have I ever mentioned that Ian has his own unique vocabulary?  It includes, upslide down (his version of upside down), head-egg (head ache), upsad (upset), and many others that I am too tired to think of at the moment.)

Anyway, we got to the doctors office, checked in, got him weighed and measured, eyes checked (it looks like he might have one bad eye), and got him changed into his little gown.  

The doctor came in, did all the check up stuff and then asked him if mommy had told him that he would be getting some shots today?  He shook his head no- it seems that I had forgotten to warn him of this.  

I have to say that I am a bit torn by this one- to tell or not to tell.  On one hand, if you tell your child, they get all worked up and worried and it makes the whole appointment a lot more stressful for everyone.  On the other hand, it's not very nice to spring something like that on them.   But I chose not to tell him and this is how it went down.

He got up on the table, ready for his shots, the nurse came in, plopped the 3 syringes down, told him that she was going to give him a shot in each arm and one leg.  I held his little hands and told him to look at me because he was eyeing the needles.

The first one went in- his face went from a nervous smile, to a frown, to full out crying.  

The second shot went in, he cried, "I don't want anymore!".  

By the third shot, he was sobbing and saying, "I don't like the doctors!"  VERY LOUDLY!

Later, when Isaac got home from school, I heard him telling him about his ordeal.   After giving Isaac all the gory details, he said, "I thought I liked shots, but then I got shot and I don't like them.  I cried and cried and I don't like the doctors now."

It was a pretty traumatic day for all of us.  For me, feeling so sad for my little boy, for Nicole, who went with us- it just brought back all kinds of feelings and emotions from when she had to have 3 nurses hold her down when she got her shots-last year!  (just kidding- that was at her kindergarten checkup, she only had to have ME hold her down last year), and for Ian, who has discovered that the doctors is not always a fun place to go to.

Wait until you are older my son....should I warn him about the colonoscopy now or later?


  1. Poor little guy. That is pretty funny about the colonoscopy though. Tell him now, that way he can make sure he's....ready for them. Hahaha! He'll have about 30 or so years to prepare.

  2. Love his vocabulary! Don't you wish you could just freeze them forever at certain ages? So cute!

  3. Poor little guy. But I'm with you - don't tell and let the doctors be the bad guy. He does have quite the funny vocabulary. I still laugh over Chuck E. Jesus!!

  4. I think we need to have a family home evening to discuss the whole colonoscopy thing. You can never be too prepared.