Saturday, February 28, 2009

This week I

Ate too much sugary stuff
Probably gained 5 pounds because of it and sitting on my behind all week
Bought a darling sweater from Old Navy
Had my kitchen floor mopped by my hunny
Had a unexpected, much needed, visit with my mom and dad
Went to visiting teaching interviews
Got a new necklace in the mail
Stressed out about my upcoming practical exam
Studied my guts out
Drank lots of water, but apparently it wasn't enough- my cuticles are so dry!
Washed Ian's eye out after he got air freshener in it
Walked/ran on the treadmill 3 times
Had extended family pictures taken at the Garden Park Ward grounds-so lovely!
Enjoyed the sunshine
Cursed at the snow
Tripped up the stairs and hit my tibial tuberosity on the tile floor- ouch!
Felt like a taxi cab driver
Welcomed home my favorite missionary
Got sweet words of encouragement from someone whom I look up to very much
Dropped off visiting teaching treats to my ladies- I KNOW it's the last week of the month

What a week!

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  1. Loved "catching up" In fact, I just copied you on my blog.