Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 2- My Bed Mates

The only thing worse than being sick, is having a sick child to take care of at the same time.  

Ian has been by my side since I went down yesterday morning.  Literally.  Remember how I said that my patience would be tried?  This little boy has ants in his pants on a good day, but when he has been cooped up in bed all day- let's just say that it felt like I was sleeping on a bed in the back of a truck going down a dirt road- ALL DAY!

And it's not just the fact that he can't be still, but he is always making a noise of some sort.  He moans, he groans, he farts, he tells me constantly that he is going to throw up, that he is sick, that I made him sick because I touched him, that he is going to die.  All things you want to hear when you are lying in bed feeling like you are going to die yourself.

And don't even get me started on the remote control.  He has taken that over as well.  I am pretty sure that we have watched every episode of Ben 10, Phibbius and Ferb, and Zach and Cody's Suite Life.  Oh look, now Pokemon is on.  How wonderful.

It was a long night, and I am sure it will be a long day once again.  At least the fever has broken.  I am so grateful for that!

Let's hope day 3 will put this all behind me!

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  1. I'm so sorry, but this made me laugh so hard! Hope you both get better soon!