Monday, February 8, 2010

One Eight

The Saints weren't the only ones with something to celebrate. Yesterday, Erik and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary. Eighteen years! That's how old I was when I met him- that hunky returned missionary.

In honor of the 18 years that we have shared together- strolling, sprinting, sometimes stumbling on the path of life together, here are eighteen things that I love about this man who has been by my side through the good the bad and all the PMS I could throw at him.

1- He still tells me I am beautiful.
2- He cares very deeply about the things that matter most to him.
3- He laughs easily.
4- He remembers to tell me I smell good- even though he can't smell.
5- He never complains about the trials he has in life. And I could write whole novel about them.
6- He grills the tastiest dinners.
7- He sings often.
8- He can strike up a conversation with anyone- young or old.
9- He is so thoughtful- he often puts others needs before his own.
10- He is like an onion with many layers- and each layer I uncover brings a new 'something' that I love about him.
11- He isn't afraid to try something new or to go after a passion.
12- He has been sporting a 'scruffy' look lately. Yowza!
13- He is good at getting me to talk about my feelings. Which is not my favorite thing to do.
14- He is so generous.
15- He is still a little boy at heart.
16- He can finish my sentences.
17- He will take the boys to work with him (when they are off track and driving me up the wall) so I can have a day to myself.
18- He is still my best friend.

I never would have guessed that after 18 years of marriage, I would still be finding things that I didn't know and can love about the man I married. We're alike in so many ways (in fact we bought each other the exact same anniversary present) yet so very different. And that's what makes our marriage beautiful and exciting.

Happy Anniversary Mr. M!


  1. What a sweet post! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Beautiful post. I really enjoyed reading this.

  3. Awww! Happy anniversary, you two! You're a perfect compliment to each other. What a nice tribute!

  4. Happy Anniversary Mommy!! I know Daddy loved this post just as much as I did!