Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The necklace

I wish I knew the story of this necklace. I have so many questions that I would like to ask it. Most of all, I wish it could tell me how it came to be my grandmother's.

I inherited this delicate piece after my grandmother passed away. It has hung on the necklace rack in my closet for years. Every once in awhile I put it on, admire it, and then hang it back up. I have never been able to find the right outfit to go along with it.

Until now. The first time I wore it was this weekend. I wore it to the dress shop. The owner commented on my necklace when I first spoke with her. The second time we passed each other in the store, she stopped me and said, "I have to ask you, where did you get your necklace?" When I told her it had been my grandmother's a look of disappointment crossed her face as she commented on it's beauty.

I wore it again to church on Sunday. Over and over again, I had women stop me in the hall to take a closer look at the necklace. One lady asked if it was a "real" antique or had it been made to look antique. I was thrilled to tell her that it was the real deal.

When I was given the necklace years ago, I almost (gasp) gave it to Nicole to use as costume jewelry. It just wasn't me and I could never see myself wearing it. But styles have changed and today I am ever so thankful that I kept it safe all these years.

Wearing it this past weekend connected me to my grandmother in a way I never would have thought. Not only did I think of her each time I reached up to touch the piece when someone would comment on it- instantly reminding me of her, but it made me wonder where she had worn it- what special occasions did it accompany her to, as it hung heavily on her neck.

As I took time to examine the necklace more closely, I saw that at one time it had been broken and repaired. I wondered it if was upsetting to her. I can see my grandfather soldering it back together and can imagine the joy on my grandmother's face when it was given back to her, whole again. I noticed the delicate craftsmanship. With each little flower and intricate curve of the metal, I had to wonder how long had it taken to design and make? Who was the craftsman?

There are so many unanswered questions about this necklace. But the most important answer of all, I already have. It was my grandmothers.


  1. It's gorgeous! You were smart to hang on to it. I'm seriously drooling.

  2. It is beautiful! I had a necklace that was my great grandma's. Being a little girl when she passed away, I didn't understand what it meant to have it. I accidentally broke it. I am sad now that I didn't take better care of it.

  3. Wow, it is lovely. The photos you took are really good. They show how detailed & marvelous it is. Your outfit looks perfect with it. I have a few items from my grandmother too that I've never worn. Maybe I should do something about that.

  4. Was it Grandma Mariam's? She always had the most unique things...if it was from her it could have literally been from anywhere. It is georgeous. Where it any time you can!!!