Friday, January 8, 2010


I can't believe it's already one week into 2010
I love 2010 so far
I don't remember ever having a favorite year before
But this might be it
School starts again in 4 days
I'm not ready
I'm ready for a vacation
And one is coming up right around the corner!
I hope I am over my cold by then
I hate having colds and being cold
I love the space heater in my craft room
Now I love being in there
There is just something so inviting about warmth
I'm looking forward to some CA sun
I love reading blogs
Reading blogs is my reward when I get my chores done, or get my homework done, or if I blink
I had to pay $35 for an access code for a class I'm taking this semester
I think that's dumb
I'm nervous about taking online classes
I am looking forward to not having to go to campus
I will miss making friends though
I wish I could change my handwriting
I've tried several times
Nothing ever sticks
I think it stinks that it's something you develop before you know any better
I still write like I did when I was in 6th grade
At least it's better than how I wrote when I was in kindergarten
I need to cut my nails
I hate it when they hit the keys on my keyboard
I'm so glad Erik went through his pile of papers last night
And I didn't even have to ask
He's a good egg
I wonder if he will shave today- he's been growing a beard
I am undecided about it
I think I like the 3-day-no-shave look
After that, it starts to look too grizzly adams for me
Ian told me today that the girl he likes scribbles on her pictures and picks her nose
He said he can't marry her now
I reminded him that he used to scribble and pick his nose too
But he still said he won't marry her
We are going to have to talk about judging others
I'm so glad today is Friday
I love the weekends
Weekends hold so many possibilities
I plan on having a good one
I hope you do too!


  1. Cute post. Random is always one of my favorite reads!

  2. "...or if I blink." Love that! Glad the year is off to a great start! Enjoy California!

  3. I love reading your random posts - always my favorite!