Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A little time

This is a picture of me, being still. :) I need some lipstick.

Recently, I was lead to find a book that so far I am in love with. It's called, Simplify: a guide to caring for the soul. I just started it, but just a few pages into the book, something called the 'islands of time' was introduced. Basically, you schedule some time each day to be alone (even if it's for just ten minutes) and if you have a private island to run away to, well then, aren't you blessed? Otherwise shut yourself in your bathroom, a closet, just somewhere that you can be alone and can't be distracted- your own little island. This is just time to be still, to think, to breathe deeply, to feel peace. The author suggests taking a notebook and pencil with you to write down any thoughts or feelings you have during this time. I have found early in the morning, in front of my fireplace to be the perfect island for me.

Since this is my year of 'being still' this exercise seemed right up my alley. So for the past couple of days I have implemented it into my day. And it has been WONDERFUL! Who would have thought that just a few minutes alone, in peace and quiet would make such a difference? I sure didn't. I don't think we take the opportunity often enough to be still. We have so many things begging for our attention at any given minute of the day. Not only do our minds need a rest sometimes, but it really is good for the soul too. This is something I plan on keeping on my daily 'to do' list.

I think you should try it too!


  1. I love this thought! You inspire me(: I'm glad to see that I am becoming more like you everyday!

  2. I am so glad you are taking us along in your journey to be still. I am going to try it too & I am definitely going to pick up that book.

  3. That will probably give me more inspiration than the Andre Agassi Autobio!! :)