Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Happiest of Birthdays

Another party.... with lots of friends....

many tasty treats....
A song and a wish for two who have been buddies for years and share the same birthday month....
Wii games, pool, ping pong, video arcade, shuffle board.....
All to celebrate the birthday of Jaden and Nicole, two pretty amazing kids, and to give a gift to a little boy who deserved it all. To find out about the boy and his family's response to the gift, go here. To read another perspective of the night, go here.
Happy birthday to two of the greatest 16 year olds I know! Thank you for your examples of selflessness!


  1. Beautiful kids, inside and out. You forgot to post the pictures of Bruce and I Wii bowling. That's as inspiring as anything else here...

  2. Such a fun looking party, and I just adore Nicole and Jaden and their selflessness! They are such great examples for the rest of us!

  3. I am feeling badly that I never get invited!! sniff sniff!!

  4. You posted some really fun photos! It was such a great night.

  5. Thank you for everything mommy! It was the perfect night,, my favorite party ever(:

  6. When Nicole told me that they were going to do this it made me so happy! I hope Ella grows up to be a person like her! You are obviously a great mother, Becky!!!