Saturday, July 25, 2009

Behind the wheel

Just a warning to my fellow Utahns.

There is another teenage driver on the roads as of this week!  Nicole now has her learner's permit and I am freaking out just a little bit about it.  How can I be this old?

Sitting at the DMV- the very same place I got my driver's license many moons ago- waiting for her to finish her written test, a flood of emotions hit me.

I felt many of the same feelings I had on the day that I received my license- lots of terror, some excitement, and a little relief.

Today, as a mother of a new driver, I feel terror because my child is going to be behind the wheel of some powerful (and expensive!) equipment that has the ability to cause harm to her or someone else- heaven forbid!

I feel excitement for her- for this time in her life.  I loved being her age and have great memories of those years.

I am relieved because soon she will be able to drive herself around and I won't have to feel like a taxi cab driver as much.

But seriously, this can't be happening.  I'm not ready.  I'm not even sure if she is either.  But ready or not, she has this little piece of paper that says it's OK for her to be out on the road.  So ready or not- here she comes!


  1. I'm in shock. Clearly, there has been a mixup somewhere. Neither of you are that old!

  2. Hey I'm right behind you on this one. Thanks for the emotional warning. I'll be sure to have some chocolate on hand when I take Jaden in.