Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What a weekend!

This weekend was full of wonderful, happy, teary moments.  I thought I had better get them posted before I forget.  

First was Seminary Graduation. 

 It's that time of year when everything is coming to an end in the life of our Senior girl.  This shot of her friends is just a sampling of the dear friends that she has made over the past few years.  She told me the other day that she has never had so many "best friends" in her life.  As a mom, I'm so thankful for all of them! I cannot say enough good things about these amazing young adults! 
 And this is how Ian entertained himself during Seminary phone was full of very interesting pictures.  :)
 Next, we were able to visit the grave of one of my grandmothers.  How I miss my grandparents that are no longer here!  I can't wait to see them again some day.
 I love how Ian calls my grandpa Horrocks, Grandpa Ox.  So cute!
 Is it crazy that I love visiting cemeteries?  I find them so peaceful and lovely.
 No visit to Holladay would be complete without stopping to get some frozen custard.  It truly is an American delicacy!
 I  love this shot of my boys enjoying their custard staring off into space!  Don't you love instagram?

And while we were in the area....we stopped by my old elementary school to show the kids where I went to school. 
 Wow!  Talk about being flooded with memories!  I haven't been back to this school in over 25 years and walking around on the grounds, looking through the front doors brought it all back!
 I remember lining up here in front of the school to get on the bus and then settling in to read my books on the hour long drive home.  Two hours on a school bus each day!  Crazy!
I remember the exact spot where a boy named Nathan pinned me down and kissed me on my back.  I never wore that shirt again!  I thought boys were so gross!  But mostly, I remember being at recess with my girlfriends, playing jacks, trading stickers from our sticker collections or playing on the tricky bars.  It was such a fun walk down memory lane!

But the fun did not end there!  After a quick stop home to refresh ourselves we were off again to the Bigham Copper Mine.  It was so fun to watch the boy's eyes light up as they got to watch those giant trucks in action.  Such a fascinating operation they have going on there!

Those are some very big and very expensive tires!  And a couple of cute boys too!
  If you noticed that Nicole was missing from most of the
pictures, you aren't mistaken.  She was at home catching up on some much needed rest.  That girl has been going non stop for a whole year now.  

Thanks for letting me put a few photos and memories down- and for caring enough to read them! 


  1. Those are some splendid memories for Memorial Day Weekend. Both the old and the new were fun to read about!

  2. So fun! I love those trips down memory lane! They are the greatest :)

  3. SO it's been a LONG time since checking out your blog but boy have you been busy...and really she's graduating already! WOW! It was good to catch up a bit the other day and to finish doing so on here!