Monday, November 15, 2010

Thankful Thoughts- day 15

Today, I am SO thankful he is home.

5 days of phone calls and texts as our only means of contact was way too hard- we all missed him terribly.

After getting him home last night we talked until late into the night and then I chatted his ear off all morning. I'm sure he was ready to run out the door to work today.

It's just so good to have him with us again.

**I wanted to take a picture of him standing on the curb at the airport waiting for me to pick him up, but there were too many cars zooming in and out that I thought it not wise to drive and snap a photo at the same time. Smart right? Instead, I asked him to drive us home and shot this one instead. I bet he's so glad to be home too. I think he's still seeing spots from the flash! Sorry hunny.


  1. Oh, being away from your spouse is awful! I am glad that he is back for you. And Nicole looks so cute in her dance picture. I LOVED the pj dances, they were the best!

  2. It's always great when they come back safe. PS - this post made me tear up, just a little :-)

  3. I hate it when my sweetie has to go out of town, so glad your's is home safe and sound!

  4. Good to be home with my peeps. :)

  5. I'm glad he's back. Sweet post, I loved the picture description of the photo you wanted to post. I could totally see it!