Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thankful-day nine

After a long, busy day, I am so very thankful for my soft, warm bed to climb in to tonight.

*It's very tricky to take a picture of yourself in bed! :)


  1. I am THANKFUL for your Thankful posts! How refreshing! I love them all. I am also THANKFUL that I know you! Love you girl! :)

  2. How do we know that is really you? That lump looks suspiciously like an Eric shaped lump. Or a Ian and Issac pushed together lump. Maybe pillows? Very cute!

  3. At the end of a crazy day, there's nothing quite so heavenly as a soft, warm bed to snuggle up in! And a fireplace in your bedroom!? I'm not sure I'd ever get out of bed!