Thursday, May 7, 2009

You're just too far, from where we are

It's been a long week.  

I walked through the door on Monday after taking my final and Mr. M walked out the door to go on a business trip.  It's been me and the kids ever since.

I have not had one minute to myself.  I usually have time, while my little man is in preschool, to myself, but this week it didn't work out that way.  

I spent Tuesday's preschool time with Colie, Wednesday's preschool time in Isaac's class, and today's preschool time at lunch with a friend.  All really good things.  But these good things have not allowed me any time to myself.  And I am the kind of person that really needs some time alone every now and then.

Mr. M was supposed to be home today, but because of bad weather back east, his flight has been delayed.  He is stuck there and I am stuck here needing a break.

I reached a point today where I just needed to get away for a minute.  I shut myself in my bathroom and locked the door.  Not two seconds later, someone tried the door.  I didn't answer.  'Maybe they will just go away', I thought to myself.  But it never happens that way.  The knocking came, then the banging.  It was Isaac.  He was upset because his new latch hook kit that we just bought is broken.  He was in tears.

I want to cry too.  

Come home soon, Mr. M.


  1. Ahhh, I'm sorry. It sure is nice to know that I'm not the only mom hiding out in the bathroom!

  2. Wow does this sound familiar! Karl is leaving on Mother's Day (if you can believe that) and with the exception of a couple days in between, for me to do his laundry ;), will be gone for two weeks! Uggh! Hang in there. This too will pass :)