Sunday, May 3, 2009

Finally here!

Tomorrow, I shall taste freedom.  It will come in the form of no more school, no more homework, no more studying (at least not for a few blessed months!)

Finals are tomorrow morning.

I have been counting down the days and planning all of the things I am going to do with all of the precious hours I will have in my day.

Here's my running list:

Paint my toenails- I do have priorities!
Weed the flower beds
Grocery shop
Read my three new books that are waiting for me
Do something fun with each of my kids- individually
Go on a date with my hunny- one that he has my undivided attention!
De junk the basement and the kids rooms
Balance the checkbook
Blog every single day (unless my brain ceases to function after my final)
Read other people's blogs
Email people who have been waiting for a response from me for several weeks- sorry!
Go to lunch with friends
Call old friends
Make new friends (this is something that has suffered since starting school-I am totally lame and have lost most of my friends)
Deep clean the house
Go on an amazing vacation with my family
Visit my parents at their home
Get my hair colored and cut

Well, the list just goes on and on.  All of these things have been put on hold for several months and I am thrilled that I will have the time to accomplish each and every item on my list in the next few months before school starts up again.

Yes, tomorrow after 9 a.m. I will be a free woman again!


  1. Your list is totally making me want to take the day off work. I would like to do a few of those things myself. Like the basement, deep cleaning, reading books, getting my hair done, ok well I ditto pretty much everything on your list. Have fun!

  2. That's quite the to-do list! Enjoy and congrats on making it to finals!