Wednesday, May 6, 2009

No rest for the wicked (or mothers of middle schoolers)

This week I had dreams about sitting on the front porch, sipping lemonade, reading a great novel- but the Middle School decided that they would rather have me learn to become a seamstress instead.  My bedroom has been turned into a dress shop!


The dress on the left is for 'Medieval Days'- where all the students must dress as if living in Medieval times- and as most families just happen to have this type of clothing lying around, it's no problem at all!  Thank heaven for friends who have every costume imaginable and thank heaven I know just enough about how to alter a dress to fit a tiny daughter.

The dress on the right is for this same daughter's Ballroom class performance (an assembly for the students and a show in the evening for the parents).  Her class is doing a waltz and it is required for them to come dressed in a ballroom gown.  So grateful for DI and for girls who never wear a dress twice!

But we couldn't just wear the dress as it came- no!  It was too long for starters (Nicole can barely see over the counters :) ) and it was too plain.   So we started pinning up the ends (I should have taken a picture before we did that!) and adding this and that......


And this is what we have now!  Not too bad for someone who has no idea what she is doing, huh?


Is there anything else I can do for anyone?  


  1. I am sew impressed! No really, I am!

  2. Great job! I don't know what I would do if I had to alter a dress! I'm not looking forward to middle school days :(

  3. moooom. its renaissance day! not medieval day! and the dress was immodest not plain! goodness but thank you for helping me with everything=]

  4. Wow, Becky, you really are amazing. Collie's comment sure made me laugh!