Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Today, I love him because....

this morning when I went to wake him up, he was busy putting together this puzzle. He is always working on a puzzle and often I will find him sitting at his table late at night or early in the morning putting one together.

I also love him because today he told me that he doesn't want to spend his tooth fairy money because it is special. "It's from a fairy!"

Today, I love him because.....

he knew I would be in to wake him up and he thought he would play a trick on me and make it look like he was still sound asleep in his bed. Pillows for his 'body', a football for his 'head'. I love his mischievous side (how many mothers can say that?) and I love how he flashes his dimpled smile at you when he knows he is being clever.

I also love that he still wants me to read books with him. We are reading a novel together and I love sharing it with him as he snuggles by my side. I love the questions he asks about the characters, knowing he is getting into the story as much as I am.

Today, I love her because.....

she still let's me in. She shares her worries and concerns, her joys and hopes, her stresses and feelings with me. I feel so lucky to be her mom and to be so close to her. I remember being her age just like it was yesterday and it's tough. There is a lot of emotion that plays a part of the high school years and I'm grateful she shares the good, the bad, and the ugly with me.

I also love that she cares about my opinion. She really wants to know what I think and she isn't afraid to ask for advice- anything from what I think about her outfit to relationship advice.

Today, I love being mom to these three amazing kids. I love that we are together under the same roof sharing these moments together. Today they are mine. And for that, I am grateful.


  1. This is really beautiful. I loved reading it!

  2. I loved how you focused on what you love about them today, in the moment. Beautiful!

  3. So cute! I adore your blog, your family & YOU to no end....

  4. You have awesome kids because you are an awesome mom!