Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

 We had a fun night carving pumpkins, dressing kids up, a carnival at the church, handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, and then watching the kids sort and count their candy when they were done.
 Isaac with his 'Jazz' pumpkin.  At one point he said, "We are going to be carving this until 10:00 tonight!"  It turned out so cool!
 "I think she needs more hair" and "Ew!  Pumpkin just flicked into my eye!" were my favorite comments of the night from Nicole.
 "I'm so good at this!" said Ian, multiple times as he carved away.  :)
 Some of my other favorite quotes from the night....  "I love wetness!" -Ian
 "Is pumpkin good for your skin?" - Isaac
 "My hands smell like guts."  -Ian
 And now that it's over and the Holidays are upon us- I will take a deep breath, put the Halloween decorations away and turn on the Christmas music to see if I can get in the mood!  Because ready or not- November starts tomorrow!  Oh my! 

Happy Halloween! Happy Holidays everyone!


  1. Great Photos, I especially like the one with you & your kids on the porch.

    Awesome job with the pumpkins. You're gonna have to tell us how Isaac did the Jazz pumpkin.

    By the way did Elder Isaac convert anyone last night on his trick or treating route?

  2. Haha those quotes are going to be my quotes of the day now! I love you guys! Oh and I freaking love that Isaac was a missionary! SOOOOO cute!!

  3. Love love love that Isaac was Elder Calhoon! We love "The Best Two Years" at our house!

    Cute pics and quotes too!