Wednesday, October 13, 2010

For me?

It's been a long week. Studying for a biggie test in patho sucked the life out of me. I felt drained. Mentally and physically.

So Wednesday morning after the test was over, I decided to take my friend's advice to do something nice for myself. She frequently reminds me to do this- she is so wise.

So, this is how nice to myself I was....

First, I drove to the D.I. and dropped off the car load of stuff that had been in there for over a week just waiting for me to have a few minutes to do it. It felt so good!

Then, I stopped at a store and bought this cute jacket for a steal....

and this darling scarf......I wish the picture was better, the colors are so pretty and bright!
and then I put them together. Don't you love the background in this picture? Nice.
I do have to say that I'm not advocating that you run out and spend money on yourself, although every once in awhile it is fun to do that too, but when you do something nice for yourself, you will find that a happier you it will make!

So I pass my friend's advice on to you- the next time you find that you're feeling spent, make sure to be good to you. It can be as simple as giving yourself time to read a favorite book, going on a leisurely walk, curling up in bed and watching your favorite TV show, taking a nap, or even buying yourself a little something. And the most important thing- it's a MUST- do this with no guilt attached!


  1. I love it! Good advice..perhaps I'll go shopping soon ;) Haha.

  2. Cute, cute, cute! (and good advice too)

  3. It is so true and feels even better when you get a great deal!

  4. Holy cow that is so cute! We must go shopping together some time. And if you ever don't want it, my closet door is always open! ;-)