Saturday, October 30, 2010

Playing Catch-up

A lot has been going on around here- too much in fact that I have had no time to post. But before Halloween has come and gone, I wanted to share a fun project that we did to help spook-ify our house. :)

Melted styrofoam cups. They make really cool ghosts.....see for yourself.

BONUS: It's a great way to entertain a couple of boys who are off-track.
Spooky, right? We ended up with about 50 of these little ghouls floating around our house.
I also want to share how Nicole got answered to Sadies. Her date put up a large spider web on our front porch with this note right in the middle....
there were about 100 little spiders all over and each were attached to a small piece of paper that said some random thing. The one with the answer said, "Ahem....Yes! I would love to go to the dance with you!" So creative!
Oh and then there's the snow. Oh the snow.

This is the best kind of snow though- the kind that makes the world white in the morning, is just enough for the boys to build a snowman and then is melted by the afternoon. I really am not ready for this.
Happy Halloween!


  1. Thanks for sharing the ghosts & the fun dance answering idea. Both perfect for Halloween!

  2. Your ghosts are so dang cute! What a great idea!