Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Madness

It must have been the fact that the weather was cooler today than it has been in several months that lead me to what would end up being an all day project. Lucky for me, Nicole was home with nothing to do, so she was eager to join me as my partner in crime.

Behold the weathered play set.

It's an eyesore for sure. It's been calling to me all summer, begging to have a fresh coat of paint to cover it's quickly weathering wood.

When I thought of doing this project, it seemed so simple, so easy. There's really not THAT much to paint, I thought to myself. Boy was I wrong.

12 man hours later, the two of us emerged with sore bodies, sunburns and looking like we were the sole survivors of some horrific battle (I should have taken pictures!) with red paint covering our faces, legs and hands, and clothes. If you look close at Nicole's forehead in the picture below, you will see what I mean. And as a note, the only significance of Nicole's change of wardrobe was that she is "starting school this week and will not be seen with a farmer's tan line!"

I learned a few things today that I thought I would share. First, there is no better way to get to know your children, than to work with them side by side. The conversations you will have are some that you would never have the opportunity to have otherwise. I truly believe this.

Next, wear sunscreen. Even when you think you will just be outside for just a little while. I'm paying for not following this important rule. Ouch!

And last, when you decide to have a paint fight (and red is a really great color to do this with) make sure you wash yourself off before going to the elementary school to pick up your younger children. The look of horror on Ian's face when he saw Nicole and I almost broke my heart. He really thought we were covered in blood. The only thing that convinced him otherwise was the fact that we were smiling and laughing at all the strange looks we were getting.

What a day. What a Monday. May Tuesday be much more relaxing but just as productive. Is that possible?


  1. So funny! I could just see Ian the way you described it. I loved what you said about Nicole too.

    What an awesome project, a job well done. It looks brand new! Bring on the's time to read a good book!

  2. Good for you! I feel overwhelmed just looking at all of the work you guys did!