Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday has a sick sense of humor.

Waking up to the sound of gravel being dumped on top of your house isn't the kindest way to greet a Monday morning.

But that is the way Monday greeted us. Dark, way too early, and loud. It rudely woke those of us who were still sleeping, out of a nice warm slumber. "Hello!!!! It's Monday!!! Get up!!" It yelled.

The little boys who have issues being woken up anyway, really didn't appreciate Monday's tone of voice. They both came crying out of their bedrooms thinking the house was falling apart. It even startled Nicole who was in the middle of curling her hair in the bathroom downstairs.

All three children made it to my side in the hallway at about the same time. We huddled together for a minute, hearts racing, and then slowly made it to the window in my bedroom to have a look outside.

As we peered out the window watching the nickel sized pieces of hail pounding on the roof and the lightening flashing wildly, smiles spread across the boys faces replacing the fear that had just been there. We all hopped into my bed and climbed under the covers and quietly watched as quite a show was put on for us.

Monday sure has a way of making an entrance.

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