Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Help

Are you aching for a good book to end your summer with? I have one for you!

I just finished reading The Help and it had me entranced right up until the last page. I fell in love with the characters, their interesting personalities and fascinating life stories.

Have you ever eaten something so tasty that you have wanted lick the plate clean? Well, in a manner of speaking, that's exactly how I felt about this book. If I could have, I would have licked it. (The only thing holding me back was the fact that I had borrowed it from the public library and that would just be gross.) It was really that good. Page lickin' good.

Go get a copy and see for yourself just how tasty a good book can be.

And no, this book's topic is not about food.

Happy reading!


  1. I put it on hold last night at the library. I was around number 420. I think many people must feel exactly the same way about this book as you do.

  2. Oh Becky, I just got caught up on some of your blog & so I am just going to comment about everything in this 'Comment'. First off, I wish I was more the kind of Mom that you are! You are always doing the cutest things with your kids. I need to make homemade pizza & read chapter books like Charlie & the Chocolate Factory & then make Taffy's & sit outside in the rain & draw with sidewalk chalk with my kiddos. You have truly inspired me.

    And I am so glad that everything turned out okay with your parents, that is so scary. And what a good testimony boost about prayer & thanks for sharing that testimony with us.

    Okay & that video... loved it! It put the biggest smile on my face, your kids crack me up & Nicole is definetly the HOTTEST cop I have ever seen! :)

    Oh, & 'The Help' is on my list of books to read, my sis in law was reading it & was telling me how good it was. I loved your description of how good of a book it is. You are a great writer!

    I love you & miss you, I know I always say it, but we REALLY need to get together. Lets make it happen this time! SEE you soon! :)

  3. I'm always looking for a recommendation on a good book-thanks!