Wednesday, March 17, 2010

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

It is day two of warmth and sunshine around here. Tomorrow, well that's another story. Welcome to spring in Utah. But we're not talking about tomorrow, we are talking about today.

Here are some things that are adding to the brightness of an already perfectly sunny day....

* All the kids that I have seen wearing the exact same green shirt today-my kids included. Thank you Old Navy!

* The fact that the band-aid on my finger is also green, well, that just makes me smile.

* The text my hunny sent me- something about how he's been exercising his thumbs all day so that he can give me a good pinch when he gets home....

* The new little plants that are popping up out of the ground as we speak.

* The phone call with a friend today- it's always so nice to hear from a friend.

* The St. Patrick's Day treats sitting on the counter waiting for my kiddies to get home.

* The front porch that is calling my name. "I'm coming porch, just a sec!"

* No class today- It's Spring Break!

* The hilarious but truly awful music video I saw on my friend Mindy's blog today. Wow! You should stop over and take a peek.

I hope the sun is shining on you today too! Happy St. Patrick's Day friends!


  1. It's sunny here too! For the rest of the week! Enjoy your spring break and your porch. I always think of you on the porch!

  2. The text from your hubby made me laugh!

    How did I miss those shirts from Old Navy?

    I'm imagining what kind of St Patrick's Day treat you have on your counter