Friday, March 5, 2010

Can we come back soon?

At this moment, I am sitting in the waiting room at the IMC hospital. They have amazingly fast internet. I have never read through my daily blog reads (today there were 53 of them!) so fast. I mean seriously fast. Even my ability to comment was remarkably faster! So I am wondering, when I will get to come back? Not that I want to put any of my family members through a medical procedure or have them become ill enough to require a visit here- I'm just saying. This is truly amazing.

When I get the bill for this day- I will not cringe quite as much as I usually do. It was worth it. It was a good day to decide to lug my laptop around.

And in case you are wondering who the lucky patient is? It's Erik. He's fine. Just having a minor procedure done. All is well.


  1. Isn't unexpected (and fast) Wi-Fi the most delightful surprise? Here to hoping you find more (outside of the hospital!).

  2. There is nothing like reading blogs to make the time pass. I'm glad you took your laptop. Hope he is doing well.

  3. They have to do something to make going to the hospital more bearable. Last time Aubrey was there they gave her a Barbie. She thought that was even better than fast Wi-Fi. :)