Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's About Time

This morning, before the sun was even up, Isaac had gotten himself dressed (a chore of mine), put his contacts in (another chore of mine), done his hair (yes, my job too), and had whipped up a batch of Sally Lund Bread (I PROMISE. I'm telling the truth!).

When I got home from dropping Nicole off at school, he was sitting at the counter eating a warm square of lemony goodness with a huge smile on his face. So proud!

It's nice to know your 11-year-old child really can make it without you- that he doesn't actually need his mother to pick out his clothes, dress him, do his hair, put his contacts in, and make his breakfast for him.

What will I do with all my new free time? Oh! That's right. Clean up the mess he made in the kitchen. :)


  1. I am supremely impressed! What a kid!

  2. Can I come to your house tomorrow morning?

  3. Hahaha! I love it! If only all our kids could do that from day one, we'd be set! Ahhh. Wishful thinking.