Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Trek and Toads

Nicole asked me today when I was going to blog about her trek experience. I wish I could have let her take over my blog for the day and share some of it in her own words, but she is off playing at Lagoon today, so here's her trek experience through her eyes (via the pictures she took).
Nicole with her besty, Audrey
and with her main squeeze, Adam (who's not lookin' like a pioneer so much)
with her fellow travelers,
and with her other besty, Jaden.

She came home with some fun stories about running through meadows barefoot, dancing under the stars, all the good food she ate, holding her breath in the biffies (especially the last two days as they got fuller and fuller- gross!) and with two new friends.....
Squishy and Sketch.
We were expecting her to come home with a sunburn, some blisters,lots of dirty clothes and perhaps even a tick or two- but certainly not two baby horny toads.
I'm not sure how I feel about having lizards in my home, having to run out and buy baby crickets to feed them every day, and having their new home be on my kitchen counter. I would have preferred that she leave that part of her trek experience back on the trail- but I'm so glad that she is home safe with us again.


  1. I don't know how you ever allowed this lizard thing to happen...

  2. Erik's comment made me laugh.

    It was so fun to look through photos from Trek and see pictures of the lizards I had heard so much about. Those things are tiny.