Tuesday, June 21, 2011


It's finally here! Can you believe it?

Are you in need of something to cool you off? I wanted to share with you a fun treat that we discovered.

Ice, Ice Baby.

It's a place that you would pass right by if you weren't specifically looking for it. It looks like any other shaved ice stand, except it's not!
It has some pretty unique treats and the prices are oh so reasonable!
The draw for me was custard and the cream....

I fell in love with custard a few years ago while visiting my cute friend back East. I was so happy to find this place right here in good old Utah, and even happier when I discovered this stand just down the street that serves custard too! Mmmmm, custard!
With custard on the bottom, cream on the top of whatever flavor shaved ice you choose- I'm telling you, it's heaven!
Some afternoon when you need a little treat, stop by Ice, Ice Baby and you won't be disappointed!

3701 S. Highland Drive

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  1. Custard really? That's awsome. I've been craving it since we went to Tiff's. I even told my kids about it. Gotta try that this weekend!