Monday, June 28, 2010

Candy Hunt

This weekend was our family's annual Candy Hunt at my grandparent's house. It is something that the children (both the young and young at heart) really look forward to. In addition to candy, which is hidden all around the yard, there is money to be found! And every year no matter how long or hard we all search, grandpa will find dollars wrapped around a couple of tree branches the next year when he is out working in the yard. As for me, in all the years I have participated in this activity, I have only found one or two dollars. Grandpa hides them pretty well.

What would a family get-together be without family pictures? I do declare! This is my family (L to R) older sister Terra, me, my dad and mom, and my younger sister, Rochelle.

Here I am explaining to them how when you stand on your back leg, putting one leg forward, it makes you look slimmer in photos. I'm always ready with helpful advice!

Oh and who is this cute bunch? Same family, with the hubbies added. David, Erik and Ed.
And what happened when those daughters married those three young men? THIS!
Jenna, Richard, Andrew, Tayler, Nathan, Jordon (he's not in the photo though:)), Ian, Isaac and Nicole. What a cute little group of kiddos!
Now on to the candy hunt... The kids, and some adults- yes, I caught you Melissa!- out gathering candy and searching for the hidden money.
Nicole found a shiny dollar coin! Good job Nicole! (She found a grand total of $5 that day!)
Ooooh! Here's a sneaky spot. See how well those dollars blend right in to those trees?
Overall, the kids had a great time, came home with a bag full of candy and the grand total for our family that day? $11! Way to go kids! As for me? I got all of these photos- and they are priceless!

Hope your weekend was just as fun!


  1. That's a fun tradition. I loved seeing pictures of your family. Hope you are all doing well! :)

  2. What a great tradition! I think it's interesting to see family pictures and look for family resemblance! (sp?)

  3. So fun to see photos of this event that I've heard so much about!

    I really enjoyed seeing pictures of your sisters & parents too!

  4. loved seeing the family photos! it has been a long time. it was great reminiscing. that is a fun tradition. i am always getting great ideas from you! :) Lana

  5. I want a family party where people hide money in my car and it's a contest to see how much just I can find. He he. What an adorable family tradition!