Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Worth Your Time- another idea

Writing thank-you notes

When was the last time you received a hand written thank-you note? If you have to think hard to remember, you are probably not alone. I personally do not feel that I do a lot that deserves a thank-you, but doesn't it feel good to know that someone took the time to write you one?

The other day, Isaac came into my room while I was busy typing away on a never ending writing assignment. He stood by my side for a second or two and then handed me a paper. He had drawn a beautiful picture of a desert scene and on the bottom he had written, "My life would be a desert without you! Thank you for all the things you do for me...laundry, dinner, etc." It was totally unexpected and instantly brightened my day!

Knowing how it feels to receive such a note- why don't we take more time to write them ourselves? I think it is one of those things that ends up on our 'I'm too busy' list. But are we really too busy? Think of all the times when you are sitting in your car waiting to pick up a child, waiting for an appointment or for a meeting to begin. What if you tossed a pack of 'thank-you' cards into your bag for moments such as these? This is something I have started doing recently. Just knowing that I have those cards in my bag- I find myself actually thinking about people who I could send a quick 'thank-you' to. You should try it!

And even though I know it's much nicer to hold your own thank-you note in your is a snapshot of a thank-you I wrote just for you!

I really, truly believe that writing a thank-you note is worth your time!


  1. First of all, Isaac--what a sweetie. And secondly, I love this idea. Love it!

  2. Handwritten thank you notes ARE the best! What a cute thing that Issac did for you, don't you just love when kids do sweet things to show their love? I think that I need to go pick up the "Real Simple" mag. Is it the May issue?

  3. Hey Laura! It's the April issue. :)