Sunday, April 4, 2010

Crumbs in my Bed

There are not too many things worse than climbing into your bed after a long day, only to be greeted by scratchy crumbs under your covers.

There is a good reason that our mothers told us not to eat in bed. (Or was mine the only one??)

Today that rule was broken.

As I sit here in my bed, typing away, there are a few crumbs under my legs. Oh, and there's one at my foot! It is going to be a long night unless I can find them all and brush them away, or even better, talk myself into changing the sheets before bedtime.

Why the crumbs?

Today was General Conference (or as we call it around here, Jammie Church). Erik and I were laying in bed- enjoying the slow paced morning, when the boys emerged with two trays of food in their hands.

Isaac had made us breakfast. Scrambled eggs, his specialty. Along with the eggs, we each enjoyed a slice of whole wheat toast, a poppy seed muffin, a sliced orange, and a glass of milk. The presentation was beautiful. The boys were so proud.

Erik and I were wowed, as were our taste buds! The look on our boys faces as we thanked them and the thoughtfulness of the act more than made up for the crumbs that we will be sleeping with tonight.

It's mornings like these that make you glad that you have children- and even more glad that they know how to cook. :)

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  1. Crumbs in your bed are definetly not fun but this sounds like it was worth it!