Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Update

This weekend, Erik and I ran away to Midway, to stay at the homestead.  I am still in shock that I didn't get my camera out once!  The view was breathtaking with all the colorful fall leaves and the scarecrows welcoming you on the front lawn.  We were able to spend time with good friends and meet new ones, enjoy a couple of meals, and learn how to do laughing yoga- all thanks to the UHF! 

On the way home, we stopped here:

and bought these:
and yes, they do make you happy.  And make you gain 10 pounds.  Wow!

Later that day, Nicole and I went to Bountiful for my niece's baptism.  Here's a photo of her with her new scripture bag from her grandparents.  :)
Erik stayed home with this little boy who had the croup.  He ended up taking him to instacare where he was sent home with this cool Darth Vadar mask. 
And that's a recap of our weekend.  Wonder what this week will bring?


  1. Looking at those cupcakes kind of makes me happy, but eating them would make me much happier.

    I'm sorry about Ian! He sure looks cute in his Vader mask, though.

  2. I've been staring at those cupcakes...which one was better? I need to decide which one to get when I drive to Midway for my own little piece of happiness!

    Oh my gosh, i didn't know he ended up at insta-care. Poor little guy!