Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ingredients for a perfect weekend!

First you take a drive up Provo Canyon to Big Springs Park.  Bundle up and don't forget your camera- it is beautiful up there!

Next, stop by and visit the grandparents, ours just happen to live in Provo.  Isaac and Ian spent a great deal of time looking through Grandpa's Cabella's catalog looking at animal traps.  I know what is going to show up on Isaac's Christmas list this year!
Now add a little bit (or a lot) of good food.  We ate at Lon's BBQ in Provo and stopped by our favorite yogurt place, Yogurt Vibes, on the way home.  Yum!
Now, buy a couple of treats for your home.  A really yummy fall scent to melt in your Scentsy Pot (I chose Spiced Raisin), and this amazing new CD, Nearer- I am in love!  It's all my favorite hymns with an indie vibe.  Go listen NOW.  It's so good!
Finally, add a sprinkling of conference- oh so good!  Stop by here, if you missed any.

Add it all together, mix gently, and what do you have?  A wonderfully unforgettable Fall weekend!


  1. ¥ou forgot to mention freezing at Ian's morning soccer game. It was good day.

  2. Cute pics - I love them! I love that CD too :)

  3. Gorgeous fall photos & such a fun read!