Sunday, June 7, 2009

Too Sweet

It was quiet.  Too quiet.  

I woke up from a much needed nap this Sunday afternoon and the only sound I could hear was Mr. M's soft snoring coming from the pillow next to mine.  There was no sound of the children playing, yelling, fighting.  Only quiet.  

How nice.

Then I heard a tapping sound coming from downstairs.  I listened.  Then I remembered.  

Right after dinner was over, Isaac asked if we could make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies today.  I have been nursing a pretty nasty cold for the past few days and have been playing nurse to Mr. M who has been recovering from a procedure he had last week.  I was so tired.  Making cookies was the last thing I wanted to do.  But once Isaac gets something in his mind, he doesn't give up.

But my need for a nap overtook me as soon as the last dish from dinner was rinsed and put in the dishwasher.  I went up to my room, changed into some comfy sweats, laid down on my soft bed and that was that.

Then I woke up to quiet.  Something that just doesn't happen around here.  Ever.

So back to the tapping.  The sound came again a few minutes later.  Oh no.  Isaac is making cookies, BY HIMSELF, I soon realized.

This is what I found as I turned the corner into the kitchen.  He had been busy for an HOUR, measuring, mixing, and making a mess, trying to make cookies.  He was so proud of himself.  

As soon as he saw me, he readily admitted that he had made a mess as he reached for the dishcloth and started to wipe the counters.  "You did this all by yourself?", I asked.  "Sugar and Spice...and now I have cookies.", he said with that adorable dimpled smile.

I helped him with the last two ingredients, and finished mixing it all together for him.  

After the first batch came out, he put a few on a plate, got a glass of milk and took them up to his daddy, where he admitted to putting 'just a little more sugar in them than the recipe called for.'  When we asked him just how much just-a-little-more meant, he said, "About a sixth of a fourth of a cup."  Hmmm.

He was quite pleased with himself, and I will admit that his cookies turned out much better than I would have thought.  In fact, just a few weeks ago, I found him pouring sugar on a snail, thinking he was using salt.  He doesn't usually pay attention to what's going on in the kitchen.  So his attempt at making cookies, by himself, was pretty huge.

His cookies are a bit sweeter than normal, but they are overall, very good.


  1. That is so sweet. I'm dying.

  2. A sixth of a fourth of a cup . . . love it!

  3. So Funny! I had to laugh at sugar on the snail.