Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rah, rah, rah

I love being a mom.  

I love watching my children.  I love peeking in on them when they play.  What I love most though, is when they play together.

Today I observed one of those moments.  

Nicole was doing her cheer exercises and Ian decided to join her.  He watched her carefully and then mimicd her as best he could.  It seriously was the cutest thing ever.  He kept saying, "Now my muscles are warmed up!".  

It was one of those moments that brought a smile to my face and a warmed to my heart.  

Who says that a 15 year old big sister and a 5 year old little brother can't be BFF's.
Nicole and Batman (aka, I-man, Ian, little dude, buddy, or Sir) doing cheer workouts together.


  1. So cute! I too love peeking in on my kids when they are playing together. Love Batman!

  2. Love the 2nd photo of him in the batman mask cheering w/ his sister. Adorable!