Friday, September 30, 2011

Senior Pictures

Nicole came home from school this week with a packet of papers for us to look through regarding her upcoming graduation from High School.

I can't believe it's that time already!

For the past few months, we have been talking about the need to get her senior pictures taken. It's a tradition to have professional photos taken of your senior least that's what I've been told.

So everywhere we go, we are always looking for beautiful venues where her pictures could be done.

Recently we spent a weekend up in Park City and found some very scenic spots to have them taken. And since I am an amazing photographer, we decided to save a few bucks and just take them ourselves.

What do you think?

This one we call, "I'm so excited to finally be on my own and out from under the firm gaze of my ever present father." Didn't I capture the essence of that nicely?
Then there was this one...

It was just such a lovely backdrop that I couldn't resist. Her brothers couldn't resist either.

Speaking of her brothers, this one says, "You can't live with 'em, but I think I could live without 'em."

Ok, here's my favorite one....
It turned out really nice....after I cropped Isaac out of it!
I will definitely be leaving the photo taking to the professionals, and I am definitely going to miss this girl when she's off to college. But for now- we are enjoying every crazy, busy minute of her Senior Year!


  1. Yep, you're pretty talented, captured all those things perfectly, I must say. Thanks for makin me smile

  2. So funny! And what a beautiful girl! Still can't believe she's a senior.

  3. You should quit nursing and become a professional photographer. ;) It helps that your model is so photogenic.