Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One Step Closer

Nicole has advanced through the Primary elections! Do you know what that means?

Well for us, it means life gets put on hold until this process is complete (which will be Thursday).

It was back to the table to make more handouts.....

This time it was braided bracelets. We cut up a bag of t-shirts that we were going to donate to D.I., and turned them in to these....

Lots and lots of them....
Thank you to the MANY hands that have helped!
We have one more day to 'wait and see'. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for her!


  1. So very creative!

    Good luck Nicole!

  2. I'm behind on commenting, but all caught up on reading! Those look amazing. My fingers are crossed for sure!

  3. I love that the whole family is involved :) Looks like so much fun!!

  4. All my fingers & toes are crossed! Your skit was awesome today Nicole!

    I'll be waiting on pins & needles--but I totally think you have this!