Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Skinny

"I'm NOT going to school then!" Ian shouted at me.

"Yes you are!" I said back. "I will take you in your pajamas if I have to but you ARE going!"

Now this is not my idea of a great way to start the day. What was all the shouting about you ask?

Skinny Jeans.

We bought Ian a pair about a month ago and it was instant love. He wanted to wear them every day, even resorting to pulling them out of the dirty clothes bin if I hadn't washed them yet.

So this particular morning, I had had it. I put my foot down and told him he couldn't wear them again that week. They needed to be washed!

It didn't go over so well.

So I made him a deal. "Wear your other jeans today, and I will go out and buy you a couple more skinny jeans so you will have more than one pair to wear." I pleaded with him.

He finally gave in and peeled his worn-every-day-for-a-week skinny jeans off and handed them over to me.

Off to school he went with his shoulders slumped and his head hanging low. "The girls won't think I'm cute." he said as he got out of the car.

He is in FIRST grade friends. Doesn't this seem a bit ridiculous to you? Geez.

So, I bought him two new pairs of not just skinny jeans, but SUPER skinny jeans from Old Navy. He fell in love all over again.

As he left the house in his new jeans, his head was held high, he had a bounce in his step and he smiled the whole way to school. As he got out of the car he said, "The girls are going to love me today."

"I'm sure they will buddy." I said. "But don't you think the kids like you no matter what you wear?"

He looked back at me like I had just said the most ridiculous thing he had ever heard. "Yes, but they like me lots more in my skinny jeans."

What are we in for?


  1. Whats our little casanova gonna do this summer? Do they make skinny shorts?

  2. Ahhhh, I love that boy.
    It's all about the jeans!

  3. Oh my gosh! Too funny! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who has children of the male persuasion be so particular in what they wear. Or what the don't wear. Or how their hair looks. Or blah blah blah... (Ian does look super cute in those skinny jeans!)

  4. This whole conversation sounds awfully familiar. So, funny!