Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A rare opportunity

Nicole was nominated this year to be in the running for her school's Jr. Prom royalty. She was one of six girls nominated by her Junior class.

Making it to the top six means that you must be in an assembly where you are paraded in front of your peers while a statement about you (that is written by your parents!) is read. All of this was pretty painful for Nicole. The only thing she was excited about was the opportunity to show off her prom dress- which she was so excited about because it was modest (something very rare these days when it comes to school dances).

Her daddy was her escort for the assembly. They walked arm in arm through the auditorium and across the stage with a spotlight on them while the little bragy statement I wrote about her was read. The audience cheered for her!

After a hug from her daddy, she was left all alone on the stage- which was the worst part for her. She said she felt very uncomfortable. But she was beautiful!

And then there were two....
Finally the stage was full- six girls and five boys. The 2011 Jr. Prom Royalty nominees.
Posing for pictures after the assembly....
More pictures on the stage....
In the end, Nicole was not crowned Prom Queen, but it was an experience that she will always remember!


  1. Way to go Nicole! What a neat experience!

    The colors on the dresses are so vibrant. Just beautiful! I've been waiting for these photos. They turned out great!

  2. So, they didn't choose the prettiest girl to win this year? Bummer! Nicole looks amazing!

  3. Well, I must say if she had won, she would be absolutely perfect. If Nicole must have a flaw, only being nominated for prom queen but not winning is a pretty good flaw to have.

  4. What a fun experience to be able to have! I love that they involved the parents a little too.